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Can I have a party at my house? 
Yes, you don't need to book a big venue to have a great party! Some of the best parties we've done have been in houses where everyone can get up close and really enjoy the show. 

How many can I invite to a show?  
Most of our shows are performed to between 10-30 guests at birthday parties, however we are more than happy to entertainer upto 150 guest at no extra charge which makes it great entertainment for large family celebrations like christenings, communions and weddings. However, the more guests there are, the less handling can take place. 
What age is the show suitable for? 
We adapt the show to the audience in front of us so it is suitable for all ages from 4 and up. We currently perform shows at nursery schools, kids parties, teen birthdays, corporate parties, weddings and retirement homes - so we're pretty versatile and handle mixed agegroup parties with ease. 
What animals do you bring along? 
Our normal party set up consists of (but not limited to) snakes, lizards, tarantula, scorpion, hissing cockroaches, giant African snails, giant millepede, tenrec, birds of prey, however it does depend on the animals well being at the time, so we may change the line up if anything is shedding or unwell or tired. If we are performing at larger shows we also bring along a few extra surprises. 

Does everyone have to hold something? 
Although we encourage everyone at the event to come and hold something we do understand that there may be a few attending that do not wish to do so. Our show has been created to keep all at a party or event entertained whether handling the animals or not. 

Is the show scary? 
No, the show has been created with lots of comedy and is in no way frightening for anyone in the room. There are no surprises jumping out, no one holding something they don't want to hold and each animal is announced before we bring it out.  

How long does a show last? 
Our normal party show is around 45 to 50mins long and then allows some extra hadling at the end (1 hour total visit) For larger events like fetes and fairs we can run multiple shows throughout the day with lots of hands on holding sessions inbetween.  

Do you supply invitations? 
Yes you can download and print off Creepy Crawly Show invitations from the website. [ CLICK HERE

Do you require a deposit? 
No, we don't require an up front fee when booking, you just pay for the show on the day. You'll be sent out a booking confirmation once your booking has been arranged. 

How much room is needed for the show? 
We can fit into most spaces weather we are tucked into the corner of a living room or required to fill a stage in a venue. Ideally we need 6ft x 6ft minimum floorspace to perform. 

Are the presenters police checked? 

Yes all of presenters have an up to date DBS (formally CRB) and the show carries full Public Liability insurance, risk assessments and Animal Licence.



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